New song demo: “Searching for us”

By way of testing WordPress’ and Soundcloud’s sharing facility, here is a rough demo I posted at my Soundcloud page earlier this week, of a new song I’m working on, called “Searching For Us”:

I say “rough”—well, it has three acoustic guitar tracks and a vocal (double-tracked here and there)—in the sense of this demo is unlikely to be final. I think the song may need a little refining; also, I have a fuller arrangement in mind involving a rhythm loop, but foolishly didn’t record the guitars against it, so they sound out of time when I play the loop along with them.

Therefore, this demo is presented “as is”, and hopefully it will soon be joined by others. I’m really trying to kick-start my songwriting again at the moment, and I’ll let you know how that goes.

In the meantime, hope you enjoy this one 🙂


“Take a dive round here”
You said, and I won’t ask you why
Water under bridge – go with the flow
Where the currents lead
We learned to trust the river man
Follow driftwood to the shore
Where we’ll look for other sticks to throw

Searching for us – the one from the three
Glances exchanged, and now we are free

From where we began
I trace the course from then to here
Streams merge into one – all ocean-bound
Reach the estuary
Where futures nest and multiply
And flock into the blue
We’ll see our dreams take wing and leave the ground

Searching for us…

A voyage long, down streams unseen
Waiting for the red signs to turn to green

Words and music by and © 2012 Tim Walker

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