New album: “Lifecourses”

Cover image of LifecoursesJust to follow up on my post from a few days ago, I’m pleased to inform you that my new album, “Lifecourses”, is now available via Bandcamp. It features twelve instrumental tracks, mostly based around 6- and 12-string acoustic guitar, and I feel it would appeal particularly to fans of acoustic, progressive-rock or ambient music styles, and of musicians such as Anthony Phillips, Phil Keaggy, Mike Oldfield, Bill Frisell and Daniel Lanois.

The album is initially being released exclusively as a download, but if you would be interested in a CD release, please let me know via the comments here, my Twitter feed, my new Facebook “artist” page (please “Like” me while you’re there!), smoke signals, or whatever “floats your boat”!

To launch the album, I have made one of the tracks (the electric dulcimer piece “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty”) a free download—please take a listen, and check out the rest of the album while you’re there 🙂

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