Pulling teeth

As I rather recklessly added to my public New Year resolutions, a pledge to write, record and release at least one new song per month throughout 2011, I figured I shouldn’t leave it all until the last minute as I am inclined to do. So, earlier this evening, I sat with the guitar and tried picking about on a chord sequence and a couple of words which have been knocking around my head today.

I would like to be able to reveal that I now have a completed masterpiece ready for your delectation, except you have probably already figured out the truth is anything but. In fact, I have barely progressed past a few chord sequence ideas, what seems to me to be an awfully uninspired melody, and one or two lyric thoughts which, given time, might possibly begin a song (perhaps, even this one).

This has actually been a fairly common experience over the twenty years or so that I have been writing songs and other music. It comes in fits and starts—sometimes (as now) I’ll go months without any inspiration striking, and getting my writing moving again feels like pulling teeth. At other times, I go through incredibly productive periods, such as the one in the spring of 2009, during which I composed most of the pieces which ended up on my album “Soundtracks Vol. 1” (available to buy via Bandcamp).

I wish so much that I could turn musical inspiration on and off like a lightswitch, but it just doesn’t seem to happen that way for me. In the end, I suspect the only way to kick-start my songwriting, is going to be to just get on and write anything for a time, even if the results just aren’t much “cop”. Still, I’ve committed to do the songwriting exercise, and I’m not going to back down now 🙂

Now, where did I put that guitar again…

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