My new (temporary?) blogging home…

So, a warm welcome to the cosy caravan that is “TA Walker, diverted”—or to put it more prosaically, my new (and possibly temporary) blog-pad on the Web.

When my Web/email host suffered a whopping great hardware/backup fail(ure) a few months ago, it took down the WordPress blog I had there, plus the email accounts I’d set up at the same domain. One of these days, I will try and move hosting company and recover/restore what I can from whatever backups I can locate, but frankly, with all the activities that occupy my non-working hours, finding time to do all the hosting-related chores is more than I can muster for the moment. (Besides, next time I set all this stuff up again, I want to get it right, so I don’t mind taking a bit longer over that.)

So, for the moment, I’m pitching camp here at Along with my trusty Twitter feed, this blog will be my home on the Web until such time as I up sticks and move into a swanky new site. (Who knows: I may even keep this one “on the side”, even when I do that?) I’ll set things up so that my Twitter feed will be updated when I post here; I’m on Twitter most days, so it doesn’t hurt to watch things there 🙂

Whilst you’re waiting for my first post, why not check out some of my other online “presences”? Here are a few to get you started:

Thanks for reading, and see you again soon…

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