Whatever happened to 3G video-calling?

Tim shines a torch into one of the dusty corners of the mobile technology world – looking at a service which once seemed to promise great things, only to vanish almost completely – and finds that it offers more than he thought.

PC in your pocket

For me, one of the most interesting apps to be released so far for my Nokia N8—and perhaps showing the greatest potential in the long run—is Big Screen. This comes from Nokia’s Beta Labs division, where one of the company’s biggest assets (its R&D and “blue sky thinking”) gets given full rein; apps from Beta […]

Beware of bargains?

Sometimes, the gamble of “if this cheap bit of computing kit doesn’t work properly, I haven’t lost much cash”, doesn’t always come off..

Hunting for inspiration

When I started on my BlogADay2011 journey nearly a week ago, I recall writing that I couldn’t always guarantee a scintillating reading experience every day. I suspect this may be one of those occasions… To be honest, the main thing on my mind in creative terms right now, concerns one of my other New Year […]

Online (just about)

In which Tim spins a short shaggy-dog tale about the technical lengths he’s going to, to try and keep up with his WordPress.com BlogADay2011 commitment…