Four Loose Leaves EP (2016)


As the title might suggest: four songs I was keen to release, but which didn’t quite fit into the other recording projects I had “on the go” at the time.

“Waves Of You” and “Christmas In England” are re-recordings from November-December 2015, of songs I wrote during the November 2015 NaSoAlMo (National Solo Album Month) challenge. (The original demos are currently on my SoundCloud page, and I may move them to Bandcamp at some stage.)

“Where Letters Keep” is a remake of one of my FAWM 2016 songs; it sounds very similar to the version on “Blackbirds Banquet”, but I wanted to correct a couple of issues that bothered me about the original demo.

I wrote “Better Purpose” in June 2016, and recorded this version the following month. The synthesiser part is my first released recording using the Moog Model 15 app for iOS, and I suspect there will be many more of these in future!

More to follow…