Music, etc, update (end April 2014)

Just in case anyone was getting worried about the silence around here (and if you’re that keen to hear from me, my Twitter feed is almost constantly twittering 😉 ): thought I’d pop in and give the place a bit of a flick with the ol’ feather duster…

I’ve pruned a couple of defunct links from “Me, distributed”, and added one for completeness’ sake: my page on Vine, which sees occasional items from yours truly, as well as the odd clip from other users, which I thought worthy of noting. Feel free to pop over, etc.

Otherwise: progress towards my next recording project is… well, progressing, if sporadically. I can let slip that—as ever, assuming it gets completed and/or released—the follow-up to “Conditions Apply” may well lean towards my more “prog” inclinations… certainly, if the first item I began recording for the project a couple of weeks ago, is any indicator. (I’m currently weighing up whether to stick the unfinished piece on SoundCloud—just to whet your appetites—or keep the whole lot under my metaphorical hat… should you have an opinion either way, do feel free to weigh in!)

It’s also the plan, that this project would, effectively, be the first one I’ve worked on since “Lifecourses” during 2011, where I actually allow myself to take time over the writing and recording. Every album since then, has come directly out of the FAWM and 50/90 songwriting challenges, where writing and demoing songs is intended to be a quick-fire, slap-it-down-and-move-on activity.

Nothing wrong with that in itself—I enjoy that approach a lot, and often it’s the only way I’ll actually get something done—but this time around, I’d like the output to have been worked on and, as far as possible, perfected. If that takes months rather than weeks, than on this occasion, so be it… and incidentally, yes, that means I’m sitting out 50/90 this year.

I will let one further “nugget” fall: the next project will almost certainly incorporate some material which has emerged from FAWM and 50/90, albeit in a developed form…

…and there I will take my leave—not least, because it’s time I got back to The Project. See you in due course back here, and as mentioned, on Twitter if you can’t wait that long.


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