Song on the way…

Bending the “rules” of the PostAWeek2011 exercise somewhat, I thought I’d post back here and reassure you that I haven’t given up entirely on this blog, despite having switched from PostADay2011 after a frantic month’s efforts

In fact, this post serves a double purpose: to let you know that—again, a little belately—I’m working on the first of my intended “one song a month in 2011” outputs. I wrote most of the song on Saturday (with one more verse to finish), and was recording a demo over the last couple of days.

Once it’s done, I’ll be uploading it to my Bandcamp page, and blogging about the song here, with hopefully enough technical and artistic trivia to keep those interested in such things, nicely satisfied.

Basically: thanks for your patience, and see you back here later in the week 🙂

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