A really impressive thing to do with a Nokia N8

One from the “That’s, Like, Way Cool Dept.”:

With their new Big Screen app for the N8, Nokia have added something even better to the N8’s HDMI output. Not only can N8 users now view 720p HD video on their HD TVs: Big Screen gives an HD user interface to choose their photos, videos and music from.

There’s even more: you can use Bluetooth input devices with Big Screen, such as wireless keyboards (like my Apple one) and mice, to remote-control everything from your sofa.

But to really put the cherry on the cake: according to this post at SlashGear, you can use a Wiimote (Nintendo Wii wireless controller) as a pointing device.

If I were Nokia, I would be shouting this kind of thing from the proverbial rooftops. The device at the centre of all this, the Nokia N8, is the handset that a certain US tech Web site refused even to review, simply because they just couldn’t accept that a mobile device birthed in Europe, and not running Android or iOS, might possibly prove their anti-Nokia prejudices to be as baseless as they are. (Yes, Gizmodo, I’m looking at you.)

Anyway, I’ll be seeing if I can borrow a Wiimote and give this a try. The most important question of all: wonder if it would work with Angry Birds?

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