Online (just about)

Ah, the lengths I’ll go to to keep my BlogADay2011 efforts going…

We are currently on a New Year break, in a location where Internet connectivity is, shall we say, a teensy bit on the shaky side. Specifically:

  1. 3G data (via my Nokia N8) is OK, but move about too much and it drops like a Liberal Democrat’s campaign promises (oops, didn’t mean to let that slip out 😉 ).
  2. There is also free WiFi, though the free-ness of it is its best point—it is slow, appears to block everything but Web traffic (no Skype, for one) and seems to kick the user off occasionally. It gets better: my netbook refuses to connect to it at all, and whilst the N8 is less fussy, it gives me various errors (e.g. “DNS Timeout Error” in Gravity) which almost make it not worth the effort. Unfortunately, the N8 keeps auto-connecting to the WiFi, so I’m trying to find all the relevant connection settings to try and stop this.

So, how am I getting this post through to you? Suffice it to say that some ingenuity and lateral thinking was involved; I’m using my netbook; you can probably work it out from the above if you really want to; and I could tell you, but then I’d probably have to arrange a convenient accident for you.

Point? Oh sorry, do these posts always need one? OK, I’ll do my best to include one tomorrow 😉

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